Top Sushi Restaurants in the Bay Area

This North Beach cafe’s colorful vegan sushi puts rainbows to shame.

A Japanese-style coffee shop by restaurant industry veterans Jessica Furui, Tadayuki Furui and Ray Lee, Family Cafe has a much humbler feel than the luxe sushi restaurants where they cut their teeth. While most of the menu consists of green tea and coffee drinks and homestyle bento meals, the restaurant launched its weekly vegan sushi special in the summer. The $95 platters, meant to feed four to six people, showcase farmers’ market vegetables and are a riot of textures: plush glazed eggplant nigiri, creamy tongues of ripe avocado, the gravelly crispness of popped quinoa. Even without premium fish, this sushi drips of luxury. Orders require 48 hours’ notice. With the easing of state restrictions on outdoor dining, the restaurant aims to reopen its patio the week of Februrary 1.


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