Family Cafe is inspired by the kissaten cafe culture of Japan, where each detail is considered and guests are treated as if they were at the home of the proprietors. We strive to offer an opportunity to our guests to unplug from the everyday humdrum of life and reconnect with premium coffee and tea, craft beer, Japanese sake and natural wines. Bring a book and relax.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday – Saturday 12pm – 5pm

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COVID November ’21 Update:   Our space is open again for indoor dining and it feels really great to have you all back with us. Please be smart, have the required cards, don’t dine if you are ill – stay home – but otherwise, please come and enjoy. A quick reminder that we are a screen-free environment. Which means you’ll have to do your computer work else where. Of course people are always on their phones, but we invite you to put them down while you’re here. Pick up one of our many photography books, cookbooks, or strike up a conversation with your neighbor. Building community is what we are all about. Every plate and every drink is crafted to order, we are literally the opposite of “fast food.”

Now that we have opened inside we still have our adorable parklet space. Here is the scoop: we literally cannot seat every seat we have now simply because we will overwhelm the kitchen. So…if you come and tables are available and we still ask that you wait, either by taking a lap around the neighborhood or having drinks, it’s because we need to give the kitchen space. Our kitchen, nor staff, have grown with the capacity. And if you’ve seen our kitchen – there’s now way for it grow 🙂 It’s very tiny!!

In addition, during peak lunchtime hours we may or may not offer to-go or online orders. We dearly appreciate your support and your business, but we can only produce so much at one time. If you know you want to pick up for lunch, you’re welcome to call ahead in the morning or make your online order ahead of time. Thank you kindly for your understanding and patience.

Keep us in mind each First Friday of the month when we do an evening Izakaya Pop-Up!! This means chicken parts on sticks, sake, beer and wine along with delicious Japanese pub style snacks. The menu is meant to be shared, the items come when they come…not coursed out. Please sit back and enjoy! The service is mainly outside so please dress for the weather. And also if its raining (please pray for rain though 🙂 we will not have it.

Take a look at our online store for all current menu items and pantry items. We are proud to offer a unique selection of Japanese kitchen essentials as well!

We are eternally grateful for the support we’ve received over the past 18 months and we are looking forward to continue to grow with you and your family. Thank you.


362 Columbus Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94133


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