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Family brings Japanese cafe vibes to San Francisco

Family Restaurant SF Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle | Oct. 2, 2019 The Akiko’s Restaurant team’s new cafe, Family, opened in North Beach last week, channeling the spirit of a kissaten, a traditional Japanese coffee shop. For co-owner Jessica Furui — who founded the cafe with Ray Lee of Akiko’s in downtown San Francisco and her ex-husband, executive chef Tadayuki… Read more »

Adorable Japanese Cafe From Akiko’s Restaurant Team Opens in North Beach

Japanese cafe Family San Francisco

Eater San Francisco | Oct 1, 2019 Family Cafe has opened its jewel box–like space in North Beach for Japanese curry dishes, Mr. Espresso Coffee, matcha drinks, and baked goods. It’s two floors, each a postage stamp–sized 300 square feet connected by a staircase. And in keeping with the cafe’s name, that staircase is hung… Read more »

Akiko’s team opening Family, a Japanese-inspired cafe in North Beach

Family team from Akikos

San Francisco Chronicle | April 1, 2019 Family wasn’t supposed to be a cafe. After spending 15 years immersed in sake, Jessica Furui felt ready to open a sake bar. The longtime sake director of Ozumo joined the team at Akiko’s Restaurant in 2017, and Akiko’s owner Ray Lee just happened to be searching for… Read more »