Family Cafe is happy to provide three types of event options for you. 

We have an outdoor, uncovered garden parklet planted with flowers and trees and twinklie lights. We can provide seating for up to sixteen. This outdoor option is great for afternoon happy hours under the gorgeous blue skies of San Francisco.

Our first floor marble bar is the perfect set up for a raw bar or private sushi and sake event with seating for six. This intimate space is also the perfect spot for pre-dinner drinks before the group goes upstairs. 

The upstairs parlor is cozy like a living room with a large custom built local fir table that seats ten. There are also stools along the window which are great for checking out lively Columbus Avenue. We have used our parlor for two different types of events:

We offer seated, coursed seasonal chefs menus featuring traditional Japanese cooking methods and ingredients. We are also happy to do family style dining options. Coursed dinners are offered at $65/75/85 per person and does not include beverages, tax or gratuity. The amount per person reflects not only the amount of course you like but also the types of ingredients we use. We can do everything from simple, farm style cooking to offering wagyu, uni and other specialty items. 

We have also used the parlor for buffet style parties for up to 25 guests. The large table is brought to one side of the room and guests are welcome to serve themselves. We can also staff a bartender to serve up our specialty sake, beer and wine selection. 

We have had groups utilize all three options for an evening of special offerings. You can email info @ family-northbeach . com for additional questions. Thank you.