Food & Drink


Our kitchen will always offer ingredients at the height of ripeness and seasonality featuring a menu that can best be described as “Japanese cafe food.” Based on ideals of harmony, balance, simplicity, and comfort, our food will feed your belly as well as your soul.

Northern California is blessed with some of the most bountiful farmland and we are so grateful to share in that bounty. We visit several farmers markets each week, sourcing local and organic fruits and vegetables.

Due to our limited menu, offerings can change often. Please see our Instagram for the most recent menu changes or additions.

Coffee, Tea & Specialty Drinks

Proudly serving Mr. Espresso coffee products, we like to say we have a warm heart and strong coffee. Our space at Family Cafe is helping to create an opportunity to have a coffee experience and to remember just how precious each cup of coffee is. Our premium teas are sourced from the Kiso region of Japan, nestled in the mountains between Nagano and Gifu prefecture. Seasonal tonics and sodas are available made from unique blends of herbs and juices. All made in-house and designed to offer refreshment and contribute to your overall well being.

Japanese Sake, Beer & Wine

After four years we finally got a beer and wine license, which means we can serve Japanese sake too! We are offering a limited variety of Japanese sake, natural wine and craft beer as well as Asahi Hoshizaki Super Dry on draft. Keeping the options limited keeps them fresh and new for our many regular guests.

We invite you to come and sit, relax and enjoy with all the senses.